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Members and their Guests are expected to wear attire that is neat, tailored and consistent with the standards of the Club and traditions of the game of golf.
The Management and Staff are authorized to implement this code with the expectation that it will be accepted by members and guests with courtesy and common sense. Persons who disregard the code may be asked to leave, or refrain from entering, certain areas of the Club.

Juniors shall dress in accordance with adult regulations. Younger children should wear neat clothing. Hats are not permitted in the Clubhouse except ladies fashion head wear. Promotional material should not be displayed on any attire.

Upper Floor of Clubhouse

Evening attire or smart casual clothing is appropriate, depending on the formality of the occasion. For Men, jackets will be required for certain special events (as indicated in the event calendar).

Clothing that is not acceptable
  • Denim and/or jeans of any colour
  • Track pants, cargo pants, paratrooper pants
  • Athletic shorts, exercise wear, cycling shorts or yoga wear
  • Any bottoms that sit above mid-thigh
  • Tank tops, see-through shirts or sport hoodies
  • Socks that are rolled down
  • Any clothing that is frayed, torn or patched
  • Any clothing with slogans or offensive logos

Gentlemen and Junior Boys

  • Collar (standard, turtle or mock), long or short sleeves
  • All shirts must be tucked in while on the grounds
  • In the Clubhouse, shirt may be worn un-tucked if specifically designed to be worn in that fashion
  • Tailored slacks and shorts (3 inches or less above the kneecap)
  • When worn with shorts should either be less than 3 inches above the shoe or  knee length
  • Off the Course, dress sandals (opened or closed toe) may be worn without socks.   Beach style flip flops are not permitted.
  • Are not to be worn in the Clubhouse
  • Are not to be worn backwards

Women and Junior Girls
  • Shirts must have sleeves or a collar (standard, turtle, or mock) or both. 
    •   Round or V-neck collarless shirt with sleeve is also permitted
  • Tailored slacks, capri pants, skirts, shorts, skorts and golf dresses are permitted.  Must be mid-thigh in length or longer